FH 200

Filter, Luftfilter, Ölfilter, Kraftstofffilter, Hydraulikfilter, Leitungsfilter, Kugellager, Dichtungssätze, Stahlbuchsen, Bolzen, Wellen, Antriebsräder, Turas, Idler, Gummiketten, Laufrollen, Track Räder, Leiträder, Spannräder, Baggerzähne, Zähne, Schrauben
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Turas Kettenrad Antriebsrad für Fiat Hitachi FH200

High quality product - ask for origin picture - if product is sold out the date of delivery takes 3-5 days after receipt of payment - if your sprockets are sharp so they can damaged the robber trucks - you should replace - see picture - dimensions see below.
6 400,00 Kč inclusive Steuer