KH 040

filters, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, sealing kits, bolts, pins, steel bushings, turas, wheel, idler, bearings, rubber tracks, sprockets, track rollers, teeth, adapters, screws
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Filter set service for Kubota KH040 Set21

OEM quality. All kits consist of various combinations of filters such as air fuel - oil / engine water separator hydraulic suction according machine type and brand. This kit for Kubota KH040 consist of following filters:

Currently we are doing a complete update. We will gladly give you information about the exact content of the filter set at
3 662,50 Kč incl tax 3 112,50 Kč incl tax

Rubber track 300x109x41W / 300x41x109

OEM QUALITY and fits following types / OEM Qualität passend für folgende Modelle / Qualité OEM S'adapte aux types suivants / Calidad del OEM Se adapta a los siguientes tipos / Подходит для следующих типов

DOOSAN DX30Z 300x109x41
DAEWOO SOLAR35 300x109x41
EUROCOMACH ES400 300x109x41
GEHLMAX MB358 300x109x41
HITACHI EX33 300x109x41
HITACHI EX35.1 300x109x41
HITACHI UE30 300x109x41
EUROCOMACH ES400ZT 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC20 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC20.2 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC25.2 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC20.6 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30.6 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30.7 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30.7E 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30MR 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30MRX 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30R 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30R.8 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC30UU.3 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC35MR 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC35R.8 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC38.2 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC38UU.2 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC38UU.3 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC38UUM.2 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC25 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC25.1 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC25R 300x109x41
KUBOTA KX035 300x109x41
HYUNDAI ROBEX35.5 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC35MR.1 300x109x41
KOMATSU PC35MRX 300x109x41
DAEWOO SLO35 300x109x41
EUROCOMACH ES400SR 300x109x41
HANIX H36CR 300x109x41
CASE CK36 300x109x41
CATERPILLAR MM35 300x109x41
CATERPILLAR MM35B 300x109x41
CATERPILLAR MM35T 300x109x41
CATERPILLAR MX35 300x109x41
DAEWOO DH35 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB25.4 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB28 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB28.4 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB36 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB306 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB350 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB400 300x109x41
ECOMAT EB406 300x109x41
ECOMAT LS200 300x109x41
ECOMAT LS286 300x109x41
ECOMAT LS386 300x109x41
ECOMAT LS406 300x109x41
ECOMAT LS2000 300x109x41
ECOMAT EC35 300x109x41
FURUKAWA FX042UR 300x109x41
FURUKAWA UX30 300x109x41
FURUKAWA UX35 300x109x41
IHI 30JX 300x109x41
IHI 30NX 300x109x41
IHI 35J 300x109x41
IHI GX35 300x109x41
IHI IS30JX 300x109x41
IHI IS30NX 300x109x41
IHI IS32J 300x109x41
IHI IS35G 300x109x41
IHI IS35G.1 300x109x41
IHI IS35G.2 300x109x41
IHI IS35GX 300x109x41
IHI IS35GX.1 300x109x41
IHI IS35GX.2 300x109x41
IHI IS35GX.3 300x109x41
IHI IS35J 300x109x41
IHI 35N 300x109x41
IMER 30JX 300x109x41
IMER 30NX 300x109x41
IMER 35J 300x109x41
IMER 30NX.2 300x109x41
IMER 30VX.3 300x109x41
IMER 35N.3 300x109x41
IWAFUJI CT35N 300x109x41
JCB 803 300x109x41
JCB 803E 300x109x41
JCB 803MAGNUM 300x109x41
JCB 803plus 300x109x41
JCB 803SUPER 300x109x41
JCB 830 300x109x41
JCB 8032Z 300x109x41
KOBELCO SK031 300x109x41
KUBOTA K035 300x109x41
KUBOTA KH033 300x109x41
KUBOTA KH033HG 300x109x41
KUBOTA KH040 300x109x41
KUBOTA KH90 300x109x41
KUBOTA KH101 300x109x41
KUBOTA KX033 300x109x41
KUBOTA KX90 300x109x41
KUBOTA KX101 300x109x41
KUBOTA RX301 300x109x41
KUBOTA RX301UR 300x109x41
KUBOTA RX302 300x109x41
KUBOTA RX303 300x109x41
KUBOTA U30 300x109x41
KUBOTA U30.1 300x109x41
KUBOTA U30.2 300x109x41
KUBOTA U30HG 300x109x41
KUBOTA U35 300x109x41
KUBOTA U35HG 300x109x41
KUBOTA UX30 300x109x41
MITSUBISHI MM35 300x109x41
MITSUBISHI MM35B 300x109x41
MITSUBISHI MM35T 300x109x41
MITSUBISHI MM40SR 300x109x41
NEUSON 3503 300x109x41
NEUSON 3503RD 300x109x41
NEUSON 3503RD VARIO 300x109x41
NEUSON 3703 300x109x41
NEUSON 3703RD 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB28 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB36 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB306 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB350 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB400 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB406 300x109x41
PEL-JOB LS286 300x109x41
PEL-JOB LS386 300x109x41
PEL-JOB LS406 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EC35 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB252 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB350XT 300x109x41
PEL-JOB EB250 300x109x41
SUMITOMO LS1000FXJ2 300x109x41
SUMITOMO LS1000FXJ3 300x109x41
SUMITOMO S100 300x109x41
SUMITOMO S100F2 300x109x41
SUMITOMO S100FJ3 300x109x41
SUMITOMO SH30JX 300x109x41
SUMITOMO SH30JX2 300x109x41
SUMITOMO SH32J 300x109x41
SUMITOMO SH35J 300x109x41
VOLVO EC35 300x109x41
VOLVO ECR38 300x109x41
JCB 8035 300x109x41
JCB 8035ZTS 300x109x41

gumový pás - gummikette - rubber truck - huella oruga de goma - chenille en caoutchouc - зиновая гусеница - gumi pályák - gumiláncok - piste di gomma
18 598,62 Kč incl tax

Rubber track 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5

OEM QUALITY and fits following types / OEM Qualität passend für folgende Modelle / Qualité OEM S'adapte aux types suivants / Calidad del OEM Se adapta a los siguientes tipos / Подходит для следующих типов

OEM part number 232/35100 fits following types:

CASE CK36 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
CATERPILLAR MM35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
CATERPILLAR MM35B 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
CATERPILLAR MM35T 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
CATERPILLAR MM40SR 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
CATERPILLAR MX35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
DAEWOO DH35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB25.4 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB28 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB28.4 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB36 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB306 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB350 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB400 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EB406 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT LS200 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT LS286 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT LS386 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT LS406 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT LS2000 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
ECOMAT EC35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
FURUKAWA FX042UR 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
FURUKAWA UX30 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
FURUKAWA UX35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI 30JX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI 30NX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI 35J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI GX35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS30JX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS30NX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS32J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35G 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35G.1 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35G.2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35GX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35GX.1 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35GX.2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35GX.3 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI IS35J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IHI 35N 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 30JX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 30NX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 35J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 30NX.2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 30VX.3 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IMER 35N.3 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
IWAFUJI CT35N 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 803 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 803E 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 803MAGNUM 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 803plus 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 803SUPER 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 830 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 8032Z 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KOBELCO SK031 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA K035 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KH033 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KH033HG 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KH040 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KH90 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KH101 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KX033 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KX90 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA KX101 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA RX301 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA RX301UR 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA RX302 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA RX303 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U30 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U30.1 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U30.2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U30HG 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA U35HG 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
KUBOTA UX30 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
MITSUBISHI MM35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
MITSUBISHI MM35B 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
MITSUBISHI MM35T 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
MITSUBISHI MM40SR 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
NEUSON 3503 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
NEUSON 3503RD 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
NEUSON 3503RD VARIO 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
NEUSON 3703 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
NEUSON 3703RD 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB28 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB36 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB306 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB350 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB400 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB406 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB LS286 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB LS386 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB LS406 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EC35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB252 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB350XT 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
PEL-JOB EB250 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO LS1000FXJ2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO LS1000FXJ3 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO S100 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO S100F2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO S100FJ3 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO SH30JX 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO SH30JX2 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO SH32J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
SUMITOMO SH35J 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
VOLVO EC35 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
VOLVO ECR38 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 8035 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5
JCB 8035ZTS 300x52,5x84W / 300x84x52,5

gumový pás - gummikette - rubber truck - huella oruga de goma - chenille en caoutchouc - зиновая гусеница - gumi pályák - gumiláncok - piste di gomma
15 570,93 Kč incl tax

Rubber track 400x142x37K / 400x37x142

OEM QUALITY and fits following types / OEM Qualität passend für folgende Modelle / Qualité OEM S'adapte aux types suivants / Calidad del OEM Se adapta a los siguientes tipos / Подходит для следующих типов

AIRMANN AX40 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX40.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX40SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX40U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX40UR.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX40UR.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX45.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX50SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX50U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN HM45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN HM50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX50.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX50UCGL 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX55UR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN AX55UR3 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN HM45.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
AIRMANN HM55 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CASE CK50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR 304 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR 304.5 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM40CR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM40B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM40T 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM45B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM45T 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM55SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MM57SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR MX45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR 305 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR 305CR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
CATERPILLAR 304CR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
ECOMAT EB506 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
EUROCOMACH ES500 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
EUROCOMACH ES500ZT 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
EUROTOM TS45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
EUROTRACH T500 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FIAT HITACHI FH40.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FIAT HITACHI FH40.2 PLUS 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FIAT HITACHI FH45.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FIAT HITACHI FX045 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FOREDIL FM54 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX040 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX040.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX045.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX045.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX50URG 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX55UR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA FX55UR.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
FURUKAWA UX45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
GEHL GX35 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX H50B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX N400.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX N450.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX N450.2R 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX S&B480 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX H50C 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HANIX H56C 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HINOWA PT70GL 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX40.2PLUS 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX40U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX45.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX50.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX55UR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI ZAXIS 40 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX40.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX50.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX50URG/3 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX40.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI EX45.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI UE40 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI UE45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI UE50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI ZAXIS 50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI ZX40 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI ZX50U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
HITACHI ZX55U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI 40NX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS40JX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS40NX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS45J.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS45N 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS45NX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS45UJ 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS55U.1 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI IS55U.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IHI 50NX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IMER 40NX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IMER 45N 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IMER 45J.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
IMER 45UJ 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
JOHN DEERE 50ZTS 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KATO HD140 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA K040 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA K045 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA K151 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KH040 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KH045 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KH130 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KH151 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX040 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX045 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX151 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX151.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX161.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX161.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA KX161.2SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA U45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
KUBOTA U45G 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
LIBRA 150S 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
LIBRA 254S 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MESSERSI M50 ’ 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM40CR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM40B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM40T 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM45B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM45T 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM55 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM55SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MM57SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
MITSUBISHI MX45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NAGANO ES500 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NAGANO MX50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NAGANO NS45.2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NAGANO T45S 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NAGANO TS45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NEW HOLLAND EC45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NEW HOLLAND EC45SR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
NISSAN H50B 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
O&K RH1.48 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
PEL-JOB EB506 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SCATTRACK 150 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SCHAEFF HR18 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO SH40JX 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO SH40JX2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO SH45J 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO SH55U 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO SH55U2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
SUMITOMO 55U2 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
TAKEUCHI TB55R 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
TAKEUCHI TB55UR 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
TEREX TC48 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
TEREX TC50 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
THOMAS T45S 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
VOLVO ECR48C 400x142x37K / 400x37x142
ZEPPELIN ZR45 400x142x37K / 400x37x142

gumový pás - gummikette - rubber truck - huella oruga de goma - chenille en caoutchouc - зиновая гусеница - gumi pályák - gumiláncok - piste di gomma
37 197,23 Kč incl tax

Rubber track 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5

OEM QUALITY and fits following types / OEM Qualität passend für folgende Modelle / Qualité OEM S'adapte aux types suivants / Calidad del OEM Se adapta a los siguientes tipos / Подходит для следующих типов

AIRMANN AX40 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX40.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX40SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX40U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX40UR.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX40UR.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX45.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX50SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX50U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN HM45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN HM50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX50.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX50UCGL 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX55UR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN AX55UR3 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN HM45.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
AIRMANN HM55 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CASE CK50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR 304 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR 304.5 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM40CR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM40B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM40T 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM45B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM45T 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM55SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MM57SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR MX45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR 305 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR 305CR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
CATERPILLAR 304CR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
ECOMAT EB506 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
EUROCOMACH ES500 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
EUROCOMACH ES500ZT 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
EUROTOM TS45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
EUROTRACH T500 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FIAT HITACHI FH40.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FIAT HITACHI FH40.2 PLUS 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FIAT HITACHI FH45.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FIAT HITACHI FX045 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FOREDIL FM54 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX040 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX040.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX045.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX045.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX50URG 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX55UR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA FX55UR.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
FURUKAWA UX45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
GEHL GX35 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX H50B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX N400.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX N450.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX N450.2R 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX S&B480 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX H50C 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HANIX H56C 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HINOWA PT70GL 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX40.2PLUS 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX40U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX45.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX50.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX55UR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI ZAXIS 40 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX40.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX50.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX50URG/3 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX40.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI EX45.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI UE40 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI UE45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI UE50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI ZAXIS 50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI ZX40 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI ZX50U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
HITACHI ZX55U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI 40NX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS40JX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS40NX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS45J.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS45N 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS45NX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS45UJ 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS55U.1 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI IS55U.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IHI 50NX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IMER 40NX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IMER 45N 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IMER 45J.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
IMER 45UJ 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
JOHN DEERE 50ZTS 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KATO HD140 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA K040 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA K045 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA K151 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KH040 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KH045 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KH130 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KH151 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX040 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX045 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX151 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX151.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX161.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX161.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA KX161.2SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA U45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
KUBOTA U45G 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
LIBRA 150S 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
LIBRA 254S 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MESSERSI M50 ’ 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM40CR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM40B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM40T 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM45B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM45T 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM55 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM55SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MM57SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
MITSUBISHI MX45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NAGANO ES500 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NAGANO MX50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NAGANO NS45.2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NAGANO T45S 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NAGANO TS45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NEW HOLLAND EC45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NEW HOLLAND EC45SR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
NISSAN H50B 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
O&K RH1.48 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
PEL-JOB EB506 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SCATTRACK 150 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SCHAEFF HR18 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO SH40JX 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO SH40JX2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO SH45J 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO SH55U 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO SH55U2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
SUMITOMO 55U2 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
TAKEUCHI TB55R 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
TAKEUCHI TB55UR 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
TEREX TC48 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
TEREX TC50 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
THOMAS T45S 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
VOLVO ECR48C 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5
ZEPPELIN ZR45 400x72,5x72W / 400x72x72,5

gumový pás - gummikette - rubber truck - huella oruga de goma - chenille en caoutchouc - зиновая гусеница - gumi pályák - gumiláncok - piste di gomma
32 006,92 Kč incl tax

rubber track for Kubota KH040

OEM kvalitní gumový pás - cena je uvedena za 1ks bez dopravy - základní typy pásů SKLADEM - jinak na objednávku s rychlým dodáním - překontrolujte předem model i rozměr pásů - pás určený pro uvedený model a nebo rozměr.
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rubber track for Kubota KH040 KH40

OEM kvalitní gumový pás - cena je uvedena za 1ks bez dopravy - základní typy pásů SKLADEM - jinak na objednávku s rychlým dodáním - překontrolujte předem model i rozměr pásů - pás určený pro uvedený model a nebo rozměr.
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maintenance service filter kit set for Kubota KH040 Set1 also possible individually

High quality. Special price for complete filter set on request.
1 985,00 Kč incl tax

idler for Kubota KH040

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