25 NX-2

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Rubber track 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5

OEM QUALITY and fits following types / OEM Qualität passend für folgende Modelle / Qualité OEM S'adapte aux types suivants / Calidad del OEM Se adapta a los siguientes tipos / Подходит для следующих типов

AIRMANN AX29U 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
GEHLMAX MB288 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
HITACHI EX27U 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
HITACHI EX29U 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
KOMATSU PC15.7 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
KOMATSU PC20 MR2 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
AIRMANN AX27 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
AIRMANN AX27U 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
AIRMANN AX29UCGL 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
IHI 25NX.2 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
IMER 25NX.2 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
MESSERSI 35PG 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5
YANMAR AURA28 300x52,5x78N / 300x78x52,5

gumový pás - gummikette - rubber truck - huella oruga de goma - chenille en caoutchouc - зиновая гусеница - gumi pályák - gumiláncok - piste di gomma
18 123,25 Kč incl tax 15 711,00 Kč incl tax

rubber track for IHI Imer 25NX.2

OEM kvalitní gumový pás - cena je uvedena za 1ks bez dopravy - základní typy pásů SKLADEM - jinak na objednávku s rychlým dodáním - překontrolujte předem model i rozměr pásů - pás určený pro uvedený model a nebo rozměr.
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track roller for IHI - Imer 25NX.2

Originál foto na vyžádání - na objednávku - Quality product - ask for origin picture - if product is sold out the date of delivery takes 3-5 days after receipt of payment - dimensions see below next to picture. Some types we keep on stock but some of them we have to order.
5 891,00 Kč incl tax 4 418,25 Kč incl tax

maintenance service filter kit set for IHI 25NX-2 Set1 also possible individually

High quality. Special price for complete filter set on request.
1 985,00 Kč incl tax

Sprocket Turas gear for IHI - Imer 25NX.2

High quality product - ask for origin picture - if product is sold out the date of delivery takes 3-5 days after receipt of payment - if your sprockets are sharp so they can damaged the robber trucks - you should replace - dimensions see below.
6 152,00 Kč incl tax 5 844,50 Kč incl tax