GWS 22-230 LVI

carbon, brushes, rotors, armatures, gears electronic units, switches, bearings, spare parts for drills, saws, hammers, angle grinders
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armature rotor Bosch GWS22-180LVI GWS22-230LVI replace origin / maintenance repair service kit high quality / carbon brushes and grease FREE

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2 650,00 Kč incl tax

uhlíky Bosch GWS19-180 GWS19-230 GWS21-230 GWS22-230 GWS21-180 GWS24-230 6x16 RE019 mazivo

uhlíky do Bosch 6,3x16 x 22mm nahradí 1607014130 1607014171 RE019A
295,00 Kč incl tax